“Nothing worth having comes easy” ✨✨

Do you ever feel like you are not ready for something right now? But maybe, later on, it will work for you? It was exactly my situation before applying to Outreachy.

I was working as a Technical Content Engineer and it did not involve much programming. So, I constantly felt like my coding practice and skills were not enough to apply to Outreachy this time. I thought I should brush up on my coding skills and try in the next cohort.

Then I asked myself,

What if I feel the same next time as…

Hello everyone!!

I am Rosheen Naeem from Pakistan. I am a software engineer and currently working as an Outreachy intern’21. This is my first blog. I used to write my own thoughts just to keep myself motivated but now I am getting a chance to share a positive word with you all. I am quite happy and excited to start this journey of blogging. Thanks to Outreachy!

Live your dreams

My Three Core Values

  1. Growth 🌱🌿🌴

I like to set new goals and work constantly for them. I think growth is a continuous process to achieve new goals. It involves building your own dreams, and always working…

Rosheen Naeem

Outreachy Intern’21

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