“Nothing worth having comes easy” ✨✨

Do you ever feel like you are not ready for something right now? But maybe, later on, it will work for you? It was exactly my situation before applying to Outreachy.

I was working as a Technical Content Engineer and it did not involve much programming. So, I constantly felt like my coding practice and skills were not enough to apply to Outreachy this time. I thought I should brush up on my coding skills and try in the next cohort.

Then I asked myself,

What if I feel the same next time as…

“Valar Dohaeris” — All men must serve

After giving me tons of confidence, my Outreachy journey is ending this week. There were many fears that turned out to not come true. The first and worst one was that I am never gonna get selected. 😅 But here I am writing my wrap-up blog.

Dream Big

I would like to mention few amazing things that happened during the internship.


It gave me the confidence to dream big, and the courage to fight my imposter syndrome. I learned, it is never late to start something new. You are never too old to be bold.

Expect a lot?? 🤔

Thomas filler once said

Good is not good, when better is expected.

Undeniably, when you struggle hard for something you would expect a lot in return. However, life does not always serve you what you ask for, it's sad but true.

Sometimes things probably won't go according to your plans, your timeline won't really follow the time, your right directions might not be the right ones, reality won’t translate into what you planned. So, when things won't go in the right direction or the direction you expected, you just have to stop sticking to those plans…

Hello everyone!!

I am Rosheen Naeem from Pakistan. I am a software engineer and currently working as an Outreachy intern’21. This is my first blog. I used to write my own thoughts just to keep myself motivated but now I am getting a chance to share a positive word with you all. I am quite happy and excited to start this journey of blogging. Thanks to Outreachy!

Live your dreams

My Three Core Values

  1. Growth 🌱🌿🌴

I like to set new goals and work constantly for them. I think growth is a continuous process to achieve new goals. It involves building your own dreams, and always working…

Rosheen Naeem

Outreachy Intern’21

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